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Certification ISO 9001

Schweizer Développement S.A. decided to implement a recognized and proven quality management system (QMS) in 2014. The strategic decision was the implementation of ISO 9001 certification.

Indeed, the ISO 9001 standard is international and generalist. It constitutes a guide for the management and organization of a company, without defining ready-made solutions. This leaves free rein for each company to interpret the standard in order to obtain added value specific to the industry in which it operates.

The ISO 9001 standard is intended to ensure that a company has the ability to ensure the defined quality of its services and products at all times. This certification is a guarantee of perpetual questioning that establishes measures that act sustainably, in the medium and long run and not on short term material profits.

The standard revolves around a holistic approach which is based on the following seven quality management principles:

1. Customer focus

2. Leadership

3. Staff involvement

4. Process approach

5. Continuous improvement

6. Evidence-based approach to decision making

7. Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers

In addition to management principles, two areas have been of considerable importance for the introduction of ISO 9001 in our company:

Market strategy

From a market strategy point of view, the ISO certificate acts as proof of the quality of its products and services. It is perceived as a guarantee of quality and guarantees the proper implementation of the customer promise.

Future guaranteed

The introduction of this QMS helps the company to further develop its own potential. It is therefore a good way for the company to organize and orient its future with more serenity, despite the change in the environment in which the company evolves.

Certification ISO 14001

Schweizer Développement S.A. subsequently obtained ISO 14001 certification in 2016 in order to certify all its efforts made in the field of sustainable development.