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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the company, which took immediate measures very quickly to protect the health of its employees:

  • From February 2020 we recommended avoiding travel to countries at risk, as well as avoiding all physical contact whilst in the middle of gathering crowds.
  • Starting in March, we took the following protective measures:
    • Systematic monitoring of body temperature for everyone entering the factory ;
    • Disinfection of hands at the factory entrance and obligation to wash them at least every 2 hours ;
    • Disinfection of all door handles twice a day ;
    • Rearrangement of workplaces in order to respect distancing;
    • Arrangement of special team schedules in the cafeteria ;
    • Voluntary distribution of protective masks ;
    • Display of OFSP instructions.
  • From September
    • Compulsory mask to be worn throughout the factory at all time.

All these measures have contributed to not deploring positive cases of covid-19 among our internal staff to date.